The Referral Process

We Can Help Your Patient Consider Their Surgical Weight Loss Options

First, a quick note to our GP colleagues ...

Our Relationship Is Important

An ongoing collaborative relationship between the patient, their GP, and the specialist surgeon and bariatric multidisciplinary team is crucial when it comes to positive, long-term outcomes for bariatric and metabolic surgery patients

We are dedicated to developing and maintaining strong working relationships with our referring healthcare professionals and value the trust that you place in us each time you refer a patient.  We also understand the importance of the relationship that you have with your patients and will keep you regularly apprised of their progress whilst under our care. 

Why is this collaborative relationship so important - particularly for our bariatric patients?

Patient selection: GPs are often the first point of contact for patients who are considering weight-loss surgery.  GPs play an essential role in identifying patients who may be suitable candidates for surgery, provide initial information and advice about the different types of surgery available, and refer patients to weight-loss surgeons and their team for further assessment and treatment.  This first discussion for patient, is often the most stressful!

Coordinated care: GPs play an important role in facilitating  communication and coordination of care between the patient and the surgical team, ensuring that the patient receives optimal  care in the lead up to surgery, and follow-up care and monitoring after surgery.

Pre- and post-operative care: GPs play an important role in the initial pre-operative evaluation and preparation of patients for weight-loss surgery. They may help patients manage any medical conditions that could affect surgical outcomes, provide counselling on lifestyle changes, and help us to monitor patients’ progress after surgery.

Management of complications: In rare cases, patients may experience complications after weight-loss surgery.  GPs can provide ongoing support to patients who experience complications, help to manage any medical issues that arise, or refer patients back to the surgeon, if that is the most appropriate course of action.

Long-term management:  Weight-loss surgery is often just one component of a broader weight-management strategy that may involve dietary changes, exercise, and other lifestyle modifications.  GPs play a critical role in helping patients to make these changes,  monitoring medications, bloods, health progression – and generally providing ongoing support and guidance over time.

Is your patient suitable for bariatric surgery?

General Criteria for Surgery:

GP Referral Process

It’s quite simple. If a GP believe that a patient may benefit from a no-obligation consultation with Dr Willingham and his team to receive additional information about bariatric surgery, then please: