Tia Birrell

Specialist Practice Nurse




Tia has worked alongside Dr Willingham for the past 13 years and her career has now evolved to encompass several roles. Tia is a Registered Nurse,  Certified Bariatric Nurse (USA), and a Perioperative Nurse Surgical Assistant. She predominantly works with patients having bariatric surgery, and is involved with these patients across the continuum of their care. From initial consultations to post-operative care and support, Tia is involved in every stage of patients’ weight-loss journey. As the practice nurse, Tia conducts initial patient assessments, provides comprehensive education on bariatric procedures and offers ongoing support from before surgery, to long after surgery. In addition to her work in the consultation rooms, Tia also works with Dr Willingham in the operating theatre, either as his scrub nurse or as his surgical assistant. Tia derives immense satisfaction from seeing each patients progress and feels privileged to be a part of their success. Her expertise, compassion, and dedication  to patient care make her an invaluable resource for anyone undergoing bariatric surgery. She looks forward to meeting you.

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